How we help directors

  • Instant class counts
    • 15 minute count review for staffing needs
    • Dashboard shows all class counts
  • Review teachers Daily Link Sheets before they are used
    • Get notified when new templates are added
    • Approve or disapprove
    • Modify templates
    • Teachers get notified when template is disapproved
    • Communicate with teachers on each days plans
    • Once template is approved no changes are allowed, ensuring the one you approved is the one used.
  • Review teachers Daily Link Sheets while they are used
    • Catch problems before they happen
    • Check children’s Daily Link Sheets during the day
    • Make sure diapers are changed with notifications
    • Make sure naps are records
    • Check for correct spelling
    • Teachers Daily Link Sheets are readable and typed
  • School Logo
    • On all Daily Link Sheets
    • On smile grams
  • Involve parents
    • Everything send via email
    • Daily Link Sheets have the “Don’t Forget”
    • Send a “Smile”  during the day
  • Marketing Tool
    • Parents will love to show off pictures they get during the day of their children
    • Daily Link Sheets end of day sheets
    • Generate referrals
  • Use different templates depending on the class needs
    • Templates designed for each class
    • Unique template morph, if information is not entered the field does not show up
  • Information at your fingertips
    • Staff members
    • How many students in each class
    • Who’s Birthday is coming up
    • What children need a diaper change
    • Which parent has not gotten a picture of their child today
    • Allergies
    • Parents contact information
  • Cut down on paper waste and costs (go green)
  • Links sheets are sent automatically to parents when child is checked out
  • History allows you to “look” back for any questions or issues
  • Controlled access
    • Teachers only have access to classes you allow
    • Not parent information
    • Each teacher has their own login
  • Works on any web browser for Admin
  • Works on Android version 6.0 or higher
  • Portability
    • Cellphones
    • Tablets
  • Accountability
    • Teachers have to “sign” their name for diaper changes
  • Low startup costs
    • Can use any Windows or Android phone, tablet or computer

How we help teachers

  • Face to name
  • Instant class count
  • Same approved template for each child in class
  • Input templates from any phone, tablet or computer
  • Always be aware of children’s allergies
  • Know child’s birthday
  • Send parents pictures to share in their child’s day
  • Special notes can be typed or spoken into device (if supported)
  • Links sheets are sent automatically to parents when child is checked out
  • History allows you to “look” back for any questions or issues
  • Access to all templates entered for class for review

How we involve parents

  • Parents recieve pictures during the day of their child
  • Information sent via email with a link to your child’s Daily Link Sheets
    • Receive anywhere
    • Secure
    • Know what your child did during the day
    • When your child is picked up
    • Teachers write a special note about something your child did
  • Links can be rechecked at parents convenience
  • Never hear nothing again, always know what is going on in your child’s class
    • Check Daily Link Sheets
    • Received photos
  • More information is send on a daily basis
  • Information is readable

Get started!


Use our web dashboard on any desktop computer, cell phone, laptop or tablet.


Use a cell phone or tablet for portability Pick a class, any class to start with.

1 Tablet or Cell phone Teachers use in the class room

Steps to get cooking:

1. Setup your center & get trained

First sign up for a DailyLinkSheets two week trial account. Then start by adding a class, the children, and their parents/guardians by using the “add class” and “add child” buttons in the web dashboard. Also, don’t forget to send a letter to your parents informing them about DailyLinkSheets! Create an Account

2. Put it in the classroom

Download the mobile app and try out the tutorial to get familiar with how to use it. Then login using the same credentials you used when signing up on the web and you are ready to go! Snap some profile photos of your children, take attendance, fill out daily reports, and share some pictures with their parents! Download the App

Need some help?

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Need more time?

We also offer an extended trial, including training and data import. Contact us to set it up.  
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3. Activate your service

Talk to your teachers and parents. Find out how Dailylinksheets worked for them. We would love to hear too. When you are ready, activate your service. Activate Service

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